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Media Markt: Store And Digital Signages


1. The Media Markt Store


Media Markt is believed to be Europe’s number one retail store that sells consumer electronics. It has more than 800 stores in 13 countries around the world. 

Media Markt was founded by Leopold Stiefel, Walter Gunz, Erich Kellerhals, Helga Kellerhals and is headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany in 1979. 

It is a subsidiary type and has been in the retail industry for almost 42 years.

Media Markt
Media Markt

The country that has the highest number of stores in Germany (headquarter), with 274 stores. It is then followed by Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Netherlands, Austria, and Hungary with 32 branches. 

Media Markt is where you can find electronic components and spare parts if you plan to assemble any mechanical or electronic device.

It is also home to a massive portfolio of products for home use, gadgets, communications devices, and a lot more. You can find it in the store, from smartphones to action cameras, washing machines, coffee makers, and so much more.

Their stores in total can measure up to 8000 square meters. Imagine how spacious that would be. You’ll surely see a variety of products that may find a hard time making decisions of what or what not to buy.


2. Market Advertising


Market advertising is one crucial part of business engagement. Without market advertising, you can’t grow any business endeavor you are handling.

Market advertising may come in many forms, yet the sole purpose is to grow your business’s audience, soar higher profits, and create brand sensitivity. Now, here are ways to advertise your business.

Retail Store Screen
Retail Store Screen
  • Online Websites

To better reach an international audience, you’ll need an online website. People nowadays are fond of online shopping considering the pandemic; almost everything is online or virtual.

In your online websites, you can upload photos or videos of the physical store (if you have one) and persuade your readers how impactful your products are.

  • Brochures

Undeniably, paper advertising is still popular even today in the 21st century. People who love reading may find your brochures an excellent piece to read. Also, make sure to create an attractive plier, colorful and presentable.

  • TV Ads

It may be costly to create a TV ad, especially if you hire a famous actor or actress. Another option for creating a TV Ad is to have presentable video and graphics combinations; it’ll be successful without any character. Also, don’t forget an excellent and striking slogan.

  • Digital Signages

Among the digital signage, we use for market advertising is the LED display. The LED array may come in various pixel pitches, installation, and sizes, but it effectively grows your business. With catchy content, you will surely captivate your audience’s attention right away.

LED Display is widespread today; that’s why Media Markt also believed in its effectiveness.


3. YUCHIP Project For Media Mart Branch


YUCHIP is a reliable China-based LED Display manufacturer that has provided LED display products and LED screen solutions to hundreds of firms in many countries worldwide. We cater to all kinds of individuals, and we always give customization options to meet your choice.

(Media Markt Old Signage)

One of the significant projects we had is digital signage for one of the Media Mart branches in Hungary. The project is in Budapest, Hungary, and utilized an LED P3 with flexible features. If you also opt to get an LED P3 flexible LED screen, here are its benefits.

  • It has a small pixel pitch which means it has a high resolution for graphics, videos, and texts.
  • You can bend it into an inward or outward curve at various angles (except for fixed installation).
  • Sizes may vary, and you may choose the exact size that corresponds to the installation area.
  • We provide comprehensive options with our R&D team to help you best choose the LED display for your project.
  • Flexible screens have a wide angle for viewing, especially for outward curves, allowing your audience to see the content easily.
  • Flexible LED screens are not for retail stores alone, but also malls, theaters, museums, airports, etc.


4. Why Does Media Markt Choose YUCHIP LED P3 Flexible Screen?


Media Markt is a popular retail store around the world. It is a German multinational chain store that solely sells various electronic products. With an increasing number of rivals in the retail industry, the store seeks a way to achieve consistent status in the market and even increase the store’s audience and patronization.

Media Markt Display
YUCHIP P3 Flexible LED Screen In Media Markt

Also, they believe that embracing the use of LED products will give a whole new store ambiance. LED displays are the fruit of digital technology that seeks to affect every aspect of our daily lives.

Media Markt partnered with YUCHIP with a project in which they chose an LED P3 flexible screen. They decided on a P3 curved LED screen mainly because;

  • The previous signage that the store has is not fairly attractive and lacks a digital approach.
  • The store branch in Budapest, Hungary, has an inward curve front design.
  • The P3 flexible screen has enough brightness to highlight the texts, graphics, or videos they want to show.
  • A flexible screen brings a friendlier store ambiance that attracts shoppers to buy inside the store.
  • The screen can show promos, sales, and sales mechanics that passers-by can easily see, attracting them to check the products inside.
  • Overall, the P3 flexible LED screen is a good store investment that could benefit the branch and Media Markt company.


5. Conclusion


LED Display is widely beneficial in almost all kind of businesses that is present today. From retail stores, entertainment, advertising, rental events, and many other aspects, LED displays with various pixel pitches surely catch everyone’s attention. It is generally captivating and highly benefits the business itself.

One great example is the project we had in Hungary in a Media Markt branch in Budapest. We hope that you’ll allow us to help you in your business. We look forward to working with you.

If you have more questions, please get in touch with us.

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