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LED Display Price In Bangladesh And YUCHIP’s 3-Faced LED


1. Introduction


LED Display Price In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia in which the capital is Dhaka. The government has a 163 million population and is the eight-most populated country in the world. It is bordered by India, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal.

Dhaka is Bangladesh’s capital city and is the country’s economic, cultural, and entertainment center. It is also one of the most prosperous cities on the Indian Subcontinent. And as part of modernization and industrialization, they’re paving their way to leverage the city’s structure.

Bangladesh is famous for being the home of the world’s largest river—the Delta. Also, Islam is the country’s state religion being the fourth-largest Muslim-populated country in the world.

The country’s economic sources are the following: agriculture, transport, energy, infrastructure, science and technology, and tourism. Bangladesh is also known for its rich culture, evident in its arts, literature, architecture, cuisine, sports, media, cinema, etc.


2. LED Display Price And Market In Bangladesh


LED Screen Price In Bangladesh
LED Screen In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the developing countries in the world. However, despite the country’s gradual economic growth, it takes on digital technology like other countries nearby.

The LED Display price in Bangladesh ranges from ৳250, 000 to ৳450, 000 or 3,000 to 5000 USD. Furthermore, there are only a few manufacturers in the country, that’s why often, clients would import products from other countries such as China.

YUCHIP perhaps takes pride in being a top-LED display supplier in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one among the hundred countries where we’ve provided services and products of various types, uses, and applications.

One of the highlights of YUCHIP and Bangladesh cooperation is YUCHIP’s first 3-faced LED display. It is the first of its kind in the country and YUCHIP’s first production of this kind of design.


3. YUHCIP’s First 3-Faced LED Display In Bangladesh


YUCHIP, a LED display solution manufacturer from China, has stepped up to the overseas market. With our well-established identity, clients from all over the world can purchase from us. They can quickly get access to our products’ features through our digital presence.

Apparently, on May 6th, 2016, one of our clients from Bangladesh visited our factory. There were five people, including two college students. On the evening of May 5th, we went to Shenzhen North Station to pick them up. And then, we went to the hotel we had booked for them and had dinner together.

The next day, we picked them up from the hotel to our factory to see the product line. And finally, we’ve come up with a project with the following details.

Project Features

The project was a 3-faced P10 Outdoor Fixed LED display. The project features are as follows:

  1. The P10 LED screen utilized SMD3535.
  2. Each collection has a size of 5.76 x 2.88m. There are three faces.
  3. The display resolution is 576 x 288 pixels for each face.
  4. The P10 3-faced LED display has an IP level of 65, so it is waterproof and is perfect for the outdoor environment.
  5. It has a high refresh frequency and high grey grade.
  6. There are two communication methods applicable; single /multimode fiber optics.
  7. The LED display project is to establish an LED billboard with a different design and overall structure.

It is the first 3-faces LED display in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was so popular that even our other clients from Bangladesh mentioned this project when they revisited us.

After the project, our client was satisfied with the quality and service we provided. The client told us that the LED display attracted many people for its outstanding image and video advertising. Also, many advertisers came to visit them to see and test how the LED Display works.


4. Where Can I Use A 3-Faced LED Screen?


LED Display In Bangladesh
LED Display In Bangladesh

A 3-faced LED screen applies to both indoor and outdoor applications. Because of its unique design and visual impact, people can easily see them wherever you put them. Here are some ideas of where you can apply/use the 3-faced LED screen.

There are various museums in the world. The difference between them comes in the kind of relics or exhibits they have. Some museums have artworks, architectural exhibitions, abstract paintings, while some have historical displays and antiques such as carved vases, jewelry, bones, and a lot more.

Some museums also have language exhibits, IT progress exhibits, and indeed a 3-faced LED screen can make the whole museum look fancy and entertaining.

Today, shopping malls are where you can see the latest devices and advancements. Apart from selling them in this place, shopping malls also serve as product launch areas. Furthermore, to give highlight, fashion, and them to your mall event, a 3-faced LED screen would indeed fit.

  • Outdoor Parks

A 3-faced LED screen can also come to be entertaining. For outdoor applications, you can use it either for advertising, information sharing, or playing entertaining videos for children and viewers of all ages.


5. Conclusion (About YUCHIP)


YUCHIP is a reliable partner that provides various kinds of LED screens and LED display solutions. We ought to always seek your suggestion, preference together with the latest invention in the field.

Our expertise does not stand alone in flat panel screens but flexible ones, screens with various shapes, structures, designs, and angles. We always adhere to give out utmost style, theme, and impactful products above all.

Should you be interested in LED display, please feel free to contact us at manager@yuchip.com; www.yuchip-led.com.

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