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49.15㎡ P10 Rental Ultra-thin LED Screen In Hungary


1. What Is An Ultra-Thin LED Screen?


An ultra-thin LED screen utilizes advanced technology that results in thinner modules and panels of an LED display. The thin LED display module may look like paper.

The technology, perhaps, allows smaller and lighter components that, when combined, will not bring weight aspects to the whole LED display.

An ultra-thin LED screen may come in various pixel pitches, sizes, and thinness in millimeters. You may also bend it since it serves flexibility properties to allow you to use it in different circumstances.

Ultra-thin LED Screen
Ultra-thin LED Screen

You can use an ultra-thin LED screen in many ways.

  • LED Banner

Because of its thin properties, a thin LED display can be used as an LED banner or more like an LED poster. Because it’s lightweight, you can freely switch the screen’s orientation from time to time.

  • Monitor

An ultra-thin LED display is applicable for indoor use, such as a monitor for security rooms, conference rooms, schools, meetings, theaters, museums, and even home use.

Thin LED displays are as thin as papers; that’s why you can easily bend them into circular signage, wavy or spiral design, concave or convex shapes, round, and so on.

  • Rental Events

Ultra-thin LED displays are perfect for outdoor rental events because they are significantly lighter than conventional LED screen rentals. A single cabinet can weigh fifty percent less than usual rental cabinets, which would save installation costs, workforce, easy dismantling, and convenient transporting (in case of leasing or changing rental events venues).


2. What Are Its Features?


Thin LED Display
Thin LED Display

Ultra-thin LED screen rental display, known as rental LED video wall, plays a more critical role in today’s commercial LED usages.

The main features are below:

  • It has an ultra-slim LED cabinet.
  • They are relatively lightweight therefore easier to install and dismantle.
  • Ultra-thin LED displays are equipped with fast lockers for a seamless connection.

This rental LED wall caters to various events and occasions, for example, political gathering events, festivals, concerts, sporting event scoreboards, political rallies, corporate events, trade shows, advertising, promotions, nightclub and DJ events, etc.

Rental LED wall usage increases event participation, event revenue, event publicity, and event enjoyment. Also, it assures the event organizer and sponsors to reach the broadest and most appropriate audience in the event and campaign.

Thus it is like our project in a country in Central Europe, Hungary.


3. YUCHIP 49.15㎡ P10 LED Thin LED Display In Hungary



YUCHIP has completed various ultra-thin LED screen projects around the world. One of the highlights is our project in Hungary which has the following details.

  1. It utilized an outdoor P10 1RGB as its pixel configuration. Our LED components, such as LED lamps, are only from trusted brands such as Nationstar LED.
  2. The cabinet measures 640 x 640 x 100 in millimeters. It is ultra-thin and lightweight; therefore, it gives a more excellent appearance and saves people and time.
  3. The cabinet weighs 19kg each; therefore, it is easy and convenient to install and dismantle.
  4. We provided 120 cabinets in total. The cabinet sizes are 6×5, 7×4, 10×6, and any other size needed.
  5. It utilized a hanging bar or on stand platform screen installation.
  6. The screen is used for both outdoor and indoor, day and night.

As a result, our customers are pretty satisfied with our rental LED screen working and effect, and they would like to start another 120 cabinets production for its new projects.


4. YUCHIP: China’s Trusted Brand


YUCHIP, the leading screen solution provider from China, continues to elevate its products.

We assure to give you quality but fascinating LED Displays for whatever purpose or need it is.

Above all, we are open to feedback and suggestions to escalate our innovations further.

Should you have comments or questions about our LED display and solutions, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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