Small Pixel Pitch P2.5 Indoor LED Display

P2.5 Indoor LED Display

P2.5 Indoor LED Display is a type of LED Display for indoor use. Its lower pixel pitch (P2.5) gives you a more exact resolution designed for closer watching distance.

YUCHIP, China’s LED screen solution provider, has a different pixel range for each LED display type. We want our clients to choose the best fit for their use.

For indoor type LEDs, pixel pitch ranges from P0.5 to P6. (P0.5, P1.25, P1.56, P1.875, P1.92, P2, P2.5, P2.6, P2.8, P2.97, P3, P3.91, P4, P5, P6)

Product Features

  • It has more than 140 degrees in horizontal and vertical view. It ensures you attract more audience to get a short ROI (Return of Investment) of your LED display screen. (For Indoor advertising)
  • It comes with an ultra-high refresh rate to ensure a clear picture.
  • Fast and convenient assemble and dismount system. (For rental use)
P2.5 HD LED Display
P2.5 HD LED Panel

Usage and Application

This type of LED Display is ideal for home use, indoor advertising, rental use, etc.

For home use as a fixed video wall for watching videos and tv shows. Or as a display for small theaters in big houses. However, it’s better to keep a little distance for long-time watching. Though it is for indoor use, personal care measures are also encouraged.

For indoor advertising, it is often installed in city centers like malls for advertising and commercials and product promotions, in stores and establishments as welcome banners or a LED display that shows menus, price list, services offered, office availability, etc.

P2.5 LED screen can work for rental services. Especially for occasions like birthdays, weddings, family gatherings, etc. Also, it gives ease to event organizers in decorating and setting up an event venue—for instance, company party, product launch, public and political affairs, etc.

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