YUCHIP Rental LED Display Panel Q-Series

We are now living in a digital world where almost everything is instant. When it comes to business and marketing, we always choose the best way to get into our audience. While for events, we make sure to provide the best ambiance and atmosphere through LEDs.

Since LED, in this era, has bloomed well, making them cost a significant of money, but if you’re considering making leasing a business, indeed, this post is for you.

YUCHIP Rental LED Display

Humanized Design New Indoor Rental LED Screen
YUCHIP Rental LED Display

Rental LEDs are basically for leasing services. They’re for different events, audiences, and purposes; that’s why it has an impressive design to fit the various application requirements best.

YUCHIP believes that everyone is entitled to experience ultra-fine displays without harming their savings or budget. That’s why, for your rental events, you can use LEDs at a low cost and make your event as fascinating as possible.

Furthermore, if you’re a business-geek, this is also one way to extend your revenues since it has a long life span so, you’ll be able to get your return of investment even a hundred times.

Rental LED Display Panel Q-Series

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series

Rental LED Display Panel Q-Series is one of our newest released LED series. It overall fits your rental needs, so be sure to check the features below.

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
Fast & Easy Unique tight lock design
  • Fast & Easy Unique tight lock design

5 seconds quick installation; therefore, it is ideal for sudden events or brief occasions;

  • The integrated control box design

18 seconds fast replacement;

  • Super compatible with different pixel pitch LED modules.

Different pixel pitch control box freely exchanged; so, you can connect various LED type one at a time;

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
Anti-Collision Design
  • LEDs anti-collision  and LED cabinet bottom anti-collision design

It makes an extra layer of protection that safely protects LEDs from hitting the ground;


  • Concave & Convex

Each cabinet+15/-15 degree curved design;

  • Various Pixel Pitch availability

P2.6,P2.97,P3.91,P4.81,P5.95 for both outdoor and indoor events application.

So, do you have any further questions? Check out our website for more information; https://www.yuchip-led.com/ or message us at manager@yuchip.com.

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