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Linsn LED Studio Software: Parts, Processes, And Accessories


1. What Is Linsn LED Studio Software?


The Linsn LED studio software is a control system solution product produced by Linsn Technology. One of the most successful and widely used LED display control systems alongside Novastar and ColorLight.

The Linsn control system is suitable for full-color LED display and color synchronism. Linsn Technology has provided LED control system solutions to several LED lights and display factories in China.

LED Studio Software
LED Studio Software

The Linsn control systems are used by these businesses to utilize their LED screen displays. The Linsn LED studio software is a downloadable operating system that enables users to control and manage their LED video display.

This control system uses a receiving card, a sending card, or a sending box to transmit content files from your video input sources or computing devices to your LED display screen.

With the use of the Linsn control system, you can now showcase your advertising messages, graphic displays, and premade videos on your digital LED screens for your audiences to see and enjoy.

The Linsn technology also has control system accessories and processors for a competitive price. This company’s effort to provide its avid and new customers with quality products and LED tech support makes them another go-to brand for LED controllers in China.


2. What Is An RCG File?

(How To Make a LED Display RCG File)

An RCG file is the LED Display driver for the receiving card. This will allow the receiving card to receive and interpret the sending card/box signal. It is a configuration file that can be downloaded on the Linsn website or provided by your LED screen supplier.

LEDset 2.0 Software
LEDset 2.0 Software

This downloadable file has a file extension of “.RCG”. The RCG file is a much-needed file to configure your LED module accurately.

You will need to load this file and configure its details according to your LED screen resolution criteria.

The RCG file is one of the vital components, along with CON the file, to make your LED video display work. These two files enable you to put the graphic displays you have prepared for your LED video screen.

The RCG files used for the Linsn control system vary depending on the LED display manufacturers or suppliers. With that being said, an LED user must use the correct RCG file to make the LED display work properly. Without this file, the LED display would not function accordingly.

So, in case of a missing or wrong RCG file, you cannot just download any RCG file on the Linsn website. You have to contact your LED screen supplier because they are the ones who keep a record of the RCG files used in each LED display you purchase from them.


3. What Are The Components Of The Linsn Control System?


Linsn LED Sending Card

Linsn Sending Card is a hardware component of the Linsn control system. This card is installed onto the computer connected to the LED display.

Linsn Sending Card Manual
3D260 Sender

The Linsn sending card is the one that receives the signals from input sources through an HDMI, DVI, and other supported connections. This card will then convert the received input signals to a format acceptable to the receiving card.

The sending cards usually have various ports such as power port, USB port, Jack port, exit output port, PCI slot, etc.

The Linsn technology offers a series of sending cards to choose from depending on your LED display needs. They offer TS801, TS802, TS803, DS801, and DS802.

Each sending card mentioned above has a particular feature that others do not have. You can learn more about the differences among the Linsn sending cards by visiting their official website.

You may also ask your LED display provider or supplier. Since most LED screen displays are custom-made, they will know about the right sending card fitting your LED display screen needs.


Linsn LED Receiving Card

The Linsn receiving card used in your Linsn control system is installed on your LED display cabinet. This card receives the signal from the sending card and then transfers these signals to the LED modules.

The signals sent by the receiving cards serve as an order to the LED pixels to produce the images and videos for display on the LED screen.

Linsn Receiving Card Rv908
Linsn Receiving Card Rv908

Additionally, you can integrate other auxiliary components into your receiving card. You may have a temperature sensor that lets you monitor the inside temperature of your LED screen display.

You may also add color calibration to ensure color uniformity and a smoke detector to detect the level of smoke in the LED screen’s interior.

The Linsn has various receiving card options, but the most popular Linsn receiving cards are the RV801, RV803, and RV901. Again, you may visit their official page to know the best sending card for your control system solution requirement.

Or you may just let your LED screen supplier inform you which one is perfect for your LED project.


LED Sender Box

Linsn LED sending box is one-piece electronic equipment that connects your source (input source) to your LED video screen.

The sending box receives and converts video input via an HDMI or DVI connection. It will then send the video input data to your LED screen using an RJ45 or other similar cables.

Linsn Sending Card Ts801 Driver
Linsn Sending Card Ts801 Driver

Each sending box contains an LED sending card compatible with the most LED screen we use today. You can use the Linsn sending box in cascade to support large-scale, high-resolution LED video displays.

With the Linsn LED sending box, you do not need to worry about the version of LED studio software you have to use. This particular device allows you to patch your digital LED display screens straight from the internal menu.

If you use a laptop to manage your LED screen, you will find the Linsn sending boxes beneficial because they work efficiently. There is no need to use computing devices to do the patching of LED screens.

The Linsn technology offers various versions of sending boxes such as the TS851, TS852, DS851, and DS852. Whether you are looking for a sending box with a long transmission range, have an audio transmission, or can support full color or double-color LED video display, there is a suitable Linsn sending box for you.


Multifunction Card

Linsn EX901 and EX902 LED multifunction cards are other auxiliary accessories offered by the Linsn technology. These multifunction cards are designed for LED video display, used alongside the Linsn sending card and Linsn receiving card.

Some of the auxiliary functions of Linsn multifunction cards are the following:

    1. The Linsn multifunction card can adjust your screen brightness automatically. It has a brightness adjustment grade of 256.
    2. The multifunction card is used to monitor in real-time the operating environment of your digital LED video displays, including the temperature and the humidity. It will display on your LED screen this information for better monitoring.
    3. The multifunction card has a function card that directly integrates an audio signal transmission without using any audio amplifier line.
    4. Another type of Linsn multifunction LED card available is the EX701 multifunction card that has the same features mentioned above, plus it has a power on and off remote for your LED video screen.


4. What Are The Main Features And Unique Characteristics Of The Linsn LED Control System?


The Linsn control system is a display control system that helps you achieve your goals with your LED video screen displays. These are the main features that the Linsn control system offer its user:

Multifunction And Multipurpose.

When using the Linsn control system, there is no need for a multi-media card. This system supports direct connection using the DVI interface. A single control network can help double-color and full-color LED video displays. A single sending card is enough to keep several receiving cards so that you can divide your LED display into multiple screen displays. The Linsn control systems are applicable for indoor and outdoor LED displays.

Brightness Control And Regulation.

The Linsn control system offers an eight-level screen brightness user interface that allows you to manually and automatically adjust your LED screen brightness. It helps you attain perfect picture quality by changing your LED display’s RGB colors individually.

Linsn Software
Receiving Card Support Capability
Network Control.

The Linsn control system is supportive of various control methods. You can operate and control your LED screen with remote control. Otherwise, you can use a computing device or desktop computer to manage your display media content, screen brightness, and other screen functionalities.

Comprehensive Implementation.

This control system is adaptable to any digital LED display board in the market. Whether your LED display is for commercial, decoration, or personal use, you can ultimately utilize the Linsn control system for it.

High Stability And Reliability.

The Linsn control system is compliant with the international standard for control system solutions. They use the field-programmable gate array circuit to configure their products according to customers’ demands or requirements during LED devices and materials.

Intelligent Control Function.

The Linsn control system offers automatic light and temperature sensors, display locking, and others.

Remote Data Transmission.

This control system allows you to transmit data information or signal without delays. The communication chip embedded in the Linsn controller enables you to be up to 100 meters away from the display, and you may still transmit the necessary data.


5. How To Set Up And Configure Linsn LED Studio Software?


Here is a step by step guide on how you can set up your Linsn LED studio software:

Linsn Sending Card Price
Linsn Sending Card
  1. First, you need to acquire a copy of the Linsn Studio software. This shall be either provided by your LED display provider or downloaded for free on their official website. You need to make sure, though, that you will download the version that is appropriate for your control system.
  2. Second, once you have successfully downloaded the correct Linsn software, you will need to install it on your computer.
  3. Third, you will now be able to open the software after the installation. Look for the ‘option tab’ and click the software setup menu. There you will be to input the default password ‘168’ or the password that appeared on your screen or the one provided to you.
  4. Fourth, load the RCG file as well as the CON file. It will show configuration information on your screen. Change some input if necessary, depending on your LED video display criteria or requirements.
  5. That is all the technical configuration that you have to do. Once you have set the criteria you need, the last and final step is to play your video using the Linsn studio software. If the video file is already saved on the same computer where the Linsn studio software is installed, you need to play the video. After this, your audience can now enjoy your beautiful LED display.

You may download the Linsn LED studio software by clicking on this link.


6. Does Linsn Technology Have Available Synchronous And Asynchronous Control Systems?


Yes, the Linsn control system is applicable for synchronous and asynchronous LED playback.

  1. Linsn Synchronous system enables live or real-time content on your LED display through your desktop computer. More often than not, you can show any picture or video content that works on your computer. Since your computer is directly connected to your LED display screen using the Linsn studio software, playing your video on your LED screen is as easy as 123. It is like having a two-monitor computer.


Linsn L202 Receiving Card
Linsn L202 Receiver
  1. The Linsn asynchronous system will not display the content on your desktop computer monitor. This control system works by saving your content file first on your LED screen. Once the files are saved, you may choose which one to display on your big LED screen. You can use it to display promo content or messages that need to be played repetitively throughout the day. The advantage of using an asynchronous system is that it allows you to manage your screen content remotely.


  1. Linsn Dual Mode LED controller is the newest development in the control system that Linsn is offering. The LED control system supports both control modes. You may choose to switch from one way to another with just a simple click. This controller gives you the freedom to manage your display content most comfortably.


7. What Are The Most Recent Update Programs Of The Linsn LED Studio Solution?


Linsn LED Display In Shopping Malls

The Linsn LED technology continues developing and updating its products, software, and control system solutions to meet its clients’ increasing and more advanced requirements.

Some of the recent update programs they released include a new sending card USB driver, program updates on their SD801 sending card, and RV801 receiving card.

They also released new program updates with their driving ICs for your indoor and outdoor LED displays.

You may check their website to see the complete list of updates they have recently done. You can download these new updates for free.


8. What Other Products And Services Make Linsn Technology Offer?


The Linsn Technology offers LED controller materials and accessories. They have LED controllers, sending cards, sending boxes, receiving cards, video processors, and other accessories.

We listed some of the available control system devices and accessories they offer.

Linsn Sending Card Ts802
Linsn Sending Card Ts802

LED Controllers/AD Players:   L1 and L3 Asynchronous LED controllers, L2, L4, and L6 synchronous/asynchronous controllers, and the AD901 LED Player (synchronous and asynchronous)

Sending Cards: TS801, TS802, TS901, TS902, TS921, TS951, TS952, TS962, DS901, and DS902.

Sending Boxes: TS852, TS951, TS952, TS12, TS08, DS852, etc.,

Receiving Cards: RV320, RV901, RV902, RV907, RV916, RV926, RV927, RV998, etc.

Video Processors: X1000, VP1800, X2000, X8000, X8208, X8212, X8216, X8408, X8414, LED-500A, etc.

Other Accessories: Signal Repeater, Fiber Converter, and Multifunction control cards.


9. What Are The Perks Of Using The Linsn LED Control System?


Linsn control system is another top brand that comes to mind when providing control system solutions in the LED industry. The Linsn technology takes delight in serving their clients with the following benefits:


  1. Good Performance for Fair Price. Linsn control system is also known for delivering reliable and good performance. Many LED display companies, suppliers, and manufacturers use Linsn control systems for their LED displays for a reason. Linsn technology offers a competitive price for their control system devices and accessories. Anyone will appreciate control system materials that are of quality and are solved for a very fair price.
LED Studio Software Linsn
Linsn Display In 2018 Winter Olympics
  1. Reliable and Dependable Controllers. Linsn control systems are reliable because they deliver an outstanding performance since Linsn technology uses new and advanced technology in producing their products. They regularly update their programs, ensuring that their products adhere to the international standard for control systems.
  2. Wide Application. The Linsn control system is compatible with various LED display specifications available in the market today. The data, OE polarity, and the clock shift are adaptable to match any LED display.
  3. Total Range Control System Products. There are various controllers and control system devices available. They offer a full range of LED controllers for their customers and business partners. All your control system needs can be provided and found in Linsn technology. They have suitable devices and accessories for your various display requirements.
  4. Full Technical Support. The Linsn technology offers free guidance and support to all its customers. They will help you with all the technical stuff concerning purchasing their products and control solutions.




Linsn Intelligent Setup
Linsn Intelligent Setup

Even though the Linsn control system or the Linsn studio software is not as famous as the Novastar LED control system, we cannot deny that the Linsn controllers also give a quality performance that satisfies many LED business users.

Linsn LED studio software is another brand that came to mind when you mentioned control system solutions. They provide reliable controllers for your LED video displays and offer professional guidance and support.

YUCHIP utilizes Linsn control systems, alongside Novastar and other quality controllers, in our LED video screens and rental displays. Some of our LED products and solutions are the following: transparent, outdoor, and indoor rentals, LED display ball, LED posters, church, stage, retail, stadium, theater, 3D LED, etc.

We are committed to providing LED screen solutions that meet international standards. Hence, we only use system controllers and materials that also passed the technical measures used globally.

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