First, the LED display screen’s range of visibility.  The screen’s position and how far people stand from the screen are essential factors in determining pixel pitch in choosing an LED display screen.

In general, there is a probable range from the optimal viewing distance = point spacing / (0.3~0.8). For example, for an interval of a 16mm display screen, the best visual space is 20~54 meters.

However, if the vertical distance is closer than the minimum visual distance, we can identify every display pixel with an intense granular sensation. In standing far away, the human eye can not tell the detail feature (for normal vision, not including myopia and hyperopia).

For outdoor LED display, the near distance generally uses the P10 or P12, and a little far away use P16 or P20; for indoor LED display, P4~P6 can be, and for a bit of distance, you can use P7.62 or P10.

P6 Indoor Led Rental Video Wall In ShangHai
P6 Indoor LED Display
Sum of Pixels

Second, the sum of LED display screen pixels.

For video, the raw format is VCD of 352*288 and 768*576 resolutions. We suggest that the lowest solution should not be less than 352*288 for the video screen so that the display effect is always best.

If lower, the display can but cannot reach a better result. The resolution requirement is not high for the single and double-color LED display screen mainly displays texts and images.

Therefore, synthesizing the cost factor, the general LED display pixel pitch goes like this; the smaller the pixel pitch, the better the resolution is; thus, the more explicit the images are.

It is essential to know LED Display Screens Pixel Pitches to help you choose the most suited type of LED display for your needs.