P8 Sports Stadium Perimeter LED Display

As the latest technology nowadays, LED Display surprises us always with its wide application, from advertising, billboards, signage to sports events, innovative as it is. Thus, it does not only cater to businesses but also sports-related circumstances.

Rental Perimeter LED Display
Sports Perimeter LED

Nowadays, sports events also utilize LED Displays as timeclock, scoreboards, messages, and announcement bulletin and as an advertising display that plays commercials and acknowledges sponsors.

And no need to worry about putting them outdoors because they’re dustproof and moisture-resistant since they have a vinyl protective cover.

Not only do they ease organizers in facilitating the game, but they also add world-class ambiance to the whole stadium or sporting venue.

P8 Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Among our perimeter displays, one of the ideal outdoor sports types is P8 Stadium Perimeter LED Display.


P8 SMD3535 Outdoor LED display as perimeter LED screen; its central structure features are as follows:

1. P8 features SMD3535, so it uses SMD, giving the device a better mechanical performance;

2. Cabinet measures;1024mmx768mmx76mm. Therefore it has the right size for a large audience;

3. Extrusion aluminum material, so it doesn’t rust; long-lasting;

P8 Outdoor LED Video Display
P8 Outdoor Perimeter LED Video Display

5. Ultra lightweight at 26kg/cabinet, thus, making it convenient for transporting;

6. Fast lockers between each cabinet, quick assembly, and seamless tightly;

7. Movable rental structure as events rental LED display; adjustable and transferable;

8. Adjustable back brackets; therefore, it is convertible and placed according to your wants;

9. The strong hanging pole in each cabinet;

10. Soft bar/pillow on top of each cabinet, projecting players.

Sports events are becoming frequent these days, and we consider them as important events.

The Olympics, US Masters Tournament/ British Open, New York Marathon, FIFA World Cup/ Rugby World Cup/ Super Bowl are just a few of them.

Thus, these sports events are famous because of the players and participants and because of the World-Class set up in the stadium, using LED displays.

Should you have interest in our Sports Stadium Displays, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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