When you buy a cellphone or computer, how do you make sure that the brand and product you choose are working correctly?

You have to test it. Salesman or saleslady will turn the device on for you and let you explore the features. To make sure its technicalities have no problem, you check it. It’s the same way with LED Display Screens. The difference only is that with small devices, 5-10 minutes of testing is enough; however, with LED Displays, it takes 72 hours.

Led Screen Aging Test
LED Screen Aging Test

Why is there a need for an HD LED Display Aging Test?


First of all, they’re big equipment. So it is inconvenient to dispatch it out without testing and send it back because of a technical problem. HD LED Displays are kept in warehouses for months, making parts at rest—all the device parts from the most seen to the rarely noticed sides.

Secondly, it economical and safe to invest in a product that is not troublesome, right? From China, screen solution manufacturers like YUCHIP believe that quality and safety are inseparable things that we should consider all the time. Wirings, display parts, and the whole system should be complete and have a good connection to avoid accidents.

Also, to tidy or clean it up. Aside from technicalities, cleanliness should again come in. You wouldn’t want to turn over a product to your customers without tidying it up.

YUCHIP, China’s leading screen solution provider, always makes sure to deliver quality products that have passed through our strict quality control and safety protocols.

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