YUCHIP P16 Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising Screen

Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising

Traditional billboard is now phasing out in the market. Advertisers and media companies are now switching to a digital way of advertising.

The audience is probably tired of static billboards and wants to see fresh visuals on cities. Or maybe to go with the flow of technology, probably, right? 

P16 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Billboard
Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising Screen now sets the standard for advertising.

It’s an investment for advertising media or businesses because it cost a significant amount of money. But the latter gives investors much revenue and return of investment.

Also, the popularity it gives to their products above all.

As an LED manufacturer, we know what our clients need. We keep our products on track and updated to help businesses to surge their digital presence.

In the advertising field, you have to seek ways to sell products. You have to go through every aspect to cultivate your clients’ interests, and it might cost you so much effort.

In YUCHIP, we offer you products that will help you leverage your business without hassling your time and effort.

P16 Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising Screen

P16 or Pixel Pitch 16 Outdoor LED is an ideal type of display screen for digital advertising. Used as a billboard, it can accommodate a large audience for viewing due to its large size. Its brightness, viewing angle, and waterproof features make it very suited for outdoor installation.

It also creates vivid colors making details like photos and video clear even at more than 16 meters.

LED Billboards do not only advertise services and promote products. It also gives a more excellent appearance to the buildings and the vicinity itself. Because of its technological vibe, it upscales the area, looking more urbanized as well as impressive.

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