Differences Between LED Display and LCD Display

LED Display vs. LCD Display

LED and LCD are two different display technologies. Let’s begin with defining each of them first.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, using CCFL (fluorescent) light source as their backlight. On the other hand, LED is a Light-Emitting Diode display that features a liquid crystal display, but LEDs, not fluorescent lamps, produce the backlighting.

What’s the difference between LED Display and LCD Display

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Now, let’s compare the properties and features of each type:
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Display
Power ConsumptionMoreLess
FrameMinimum of 1 inchMostly less than 1 inch
Viewing Angle

Up to 160°, side angles make a low resolution.

Flexible LEDs can create up to 360° viewing angles.
Life SpanMinimum of 50,000 hoursMinimum of 100,000 hours
MediumFluorescent as the backlight sourceLight-emitting diodes
PriceCheaperIt depends on Pixel Pitch; a lower pixel pitch means a more exact resolution and higher price.
Screen sizeUp to 108-inch Up to 110 inch
  • Monochrome (Static, Graphic, Character, Custom)
  • Multi-Color (TFT, OLED, FSC (Field Sequential Color LCD), EBT, CSTN)
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Single-color, double primary, and three primary colors
  • Synchronized and unsynchronized displays
LED Display

In addition to the table shown above, LCDs production uses nitrogen trifluoride, a harmful contributor to global warming. On the other hand, LEDs contain mercury, which needs a unique disposal process not to contaminate the environment.

Technology has been part of our life and has impacted every aspect of our social activities. From the way we communicate with friends and family to promoting goods for business, technology has left deep marks and changes. It eases our day-to-day tasks giving us comfort and a better life.

In conclusion, LEDs and LCDs are both technologies’ modern reform. However, LEDs have more advantages than LCDs in so many aspects. Though LCDs popularly work these days, LEDs already replaced their spot.


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