P10 Outdoor LED Billboard In Turkey

Outdoor LED Billboards serve as an effective information medium in sharing various relative data.

One way or another, they’re not seemingly for advertising alone but for various purposes as well.

  • Type: Outdoor LED Billboard
  • Pixel Pitch: 10mm
  • Type: Outdoor LED Billboard
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD3528
  • Location: Turkey


  • P10 Outdoor LED Billboards are used for wide information display. Also, it works most like 24/7, so it is designed to work under various circumstances such as weather conditions.
  • Outdoor LED Billboards are huge displays that have the ability to reach hundreds and thousands of viewers even from a distance.
  • It is for decorative purposes and solely for advertising and easy information dessimination.

(P10 Outdoor LED Display In Egypt)

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