YUCHIP P4 Indoor HD LED Video Display In Malaysia
P4 Indoor Display

Functions and features

This P4 Indoor LED Display has a variety of use. For example, stage performances, stadiums, concerts, movie theaters, school grounds, company gatherings, or even a family reunion.

You can also rent it out; if you’re a business enthusiast who wants to invest in a product that will indeed extend your profit, this fits you. It’s long-lasting, giving you years to gain back your asset. Multifunctional; you can cater to clients for their different needs.

Also, it has a high refresh frequency perfect for indoor use. So you don’t have to worry about indoor technicalities.

P4 uses die-casting aluminum LED screen for speedy production, dimensional accuracy, and stability regarding features. Cabinet measures 512x512mm, allowing you for a wide range of displays.

YUCHIP Indoor P4 LED Display In Hotel
P4 Indoor Display

Events, these days, are becoming more and more superb, requiring organizers to display eye-catching presentations. Along with that, people’s standard of an exemplary display is also advancing, making ways for more significant and substantial opportunities.

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