New Products

  • Taxi Top LED Display

  • Rental LED Wall

  • Curtain LED Screen

  • Dual Maintenance LED Screen

  • Indoor Rental LED Wall

  • Stadium LED Screen

  • Truck LED Display

  • P3.75 Rental LED Screen



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    SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO.,LTD is the leading LED screen and lighting solution provider in China and has delivered the systems to more than 80 countries around the world. Many of those projects done by Yuchip have enabled the customer various benefits of the new technology and recognized as new landmark of the site. Afer years production experience and thousands project installed,Yuchip is not only a led screen manufacture, but a solution provider! Customers just need to inform us your useage areas and desired functions,we would design and provide you a most led screen suitable solution, ranging from pixel pitch choose,production quality control, CAD drawing to timely after sales service! We take the time to listen and ensure the customer is satisfied with the performance of products and service received from Yuchip.   [more]