Rental LED Display Market: Quality Over Price

Rental LEDs have higher requirements in shape and structural design and material selection. The rental LED display brings people a new visual feeling as a functional product. And shows the creativity and cultural connotation of the event and meets their spiritual needs.

With the wide application of LED displays in the market, more and more businesses have recognized the excellent advertising capabilities and favored them.

Outdoor Rental LED Display
Outdoor Rental LED Display

At the same time, it also gave birth to the objective demand for LED display in meetings, exhibitions, performances, and other occasions related to leasing. But the expensive cost makes many small and medium-sized businesses discouraged. It’s not cost-effective to invest a lot just for one or several times or temporary commercial, promotional activities.

For small and medium-sized businesses, rental LED display has the advantage of “small investment, big return.” You can obtain the right to use the LED display for little rental cost and achieve the purpose of promoting branding, advertising, creating an atmosphere, etc. It dramatically reduces investment risk.


2. Rental LED Display Widespread Application


The rental LED display has quickly become the “hot item” in the eyes of manufacturers. The rental LED display cabinet is light and thin and can install and dismantle fastly. Also, transporting is convenient, and maintenance is simple.

It is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications, for example, in stage rental, song and dance events, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, interpretation halls, discos, nightclubs, and high-end entertainment discos, etc.

P6.25 Outdoor LED Display Rental In Budapest
P6.25 Outdoor Rental LED Display In Budapest

LED display price is usually the most critical factor that rental companies consider. In the past, price competition was almost the mainstream of the market. In the recent two years, high-quality LED displays have gradually received attention.

A high-quality LED display should have a good display effect, be easy to install and have a thin and light structure. Besides, it has to meet the need for advertising promotion in the new era. Therefore, high quality is more convincing than price.

Although the rental LED screen market has encountered a fierce price and quality crisis, it continued to develop. At present, the LED display industry has entered a stage of maturity and stable development.

With the maturity of HD technology and the gradual reduction of costs, HD LED display products are “giving away” the market share of traditional large-screen video walls.

On the other hand, HD LED display can enable companies to use the higher profits to eliminate the “Red Sea” of the traditional product price war. They can build core advantages to a certain extent and enhance their competitiveness in the market.


3. Rental LED Display In The Global Market


Due to HD LED display technology’s rapid development, the high-end rental market represented by HD LED display has emerged. Currently, it is gradually becoming a new driving force for the growth of LED display companies. It is also the focus of LED display manufacturers in recent years.

Therefore, LED display manufacturers to need to start from both the market and the product to expand their market share and promote the leasing industry’s development.

In addition to changes in the market, rental LED screen manufacturers and leasing companies also need to pay more attention to the rental LED’s needs.

Outdoor Rental LED Screen H Series
Indoor Rental LED Screen 

In 2015, YUCHIP developed several cost-effective rental products for the LED display market. YUCHIP entered the high-end leasing market in 2017, and customers highly praise the products.

Also, we injected new vitality into the rental LED display market. YUCHIP HD rental LED display series, and HD rental LED display pro series are new products developed for high-end markets.


HD LED Display Pro Series Features


1. 16:9 aspect ratio, therefore, easy to combine

2. High-precision die-casting aluminum cabinet, seamless splicing, ultra-wide viewing angle

3. Front maintenance module and significantly improve maintenance efficiency

4. The power supply and signal integrate, thus, ensuring the dual backup. Even if the power supply or signal stopped working, it would still ensure reliability.

Although the rental LED display market will continue to focus on prices in the future, quality should always be the priority. Through this, the inevitable trend of the LED display industry will continue towards healthy development and maturation.

In the future, LED displays will continue to move in the direction of standardized specifications, with a high-definition display, high-density, one-screen multi-use, fast and safe installation, easy maintenance, and thin and light cabinets.

The LED display is currently the most suitable display device for the stage and as a carrier capable of transmitting content simultaneously.

YUCHIP Indoor P4 LED Display In Hotel
Indoor P4 LED Display


4. About YUCHIP


We have 15 years of technical experience as one of China’s earliest professional LED solution providers. We have passed the ISO9001 system certification and have offices in Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland.

Our greatest aspiration is to develop the most innovative and high-quality products.

YUCHIP has a 20-person R&D team that has developed a wide range of products for various application scenarios. Such as taxi LED displays, Indoor Ultra HD LED Displays, sphere LED displays, dual maintenance LED presentations, LED posters, Transparent LED displays, etc.

Constant innovation and focusing on quality are what we will always do.

Should you have questions, please reach us through our website;

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