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8 Factors To Consider In Choosing The Best Outdoor LED Display




Best Outdoor LED Display
Outdoor LED Display

As the technology matures, LED video screens are becoming more widely used. Both indoor and outdoor LED screen applications grow in airports, shopping centers, highways, sports fields, hotels, hospitals, business centers, and bus stops. Thus, the demand for the best outdoor LED display is widespread today.

With the rapid increase in application requirements, LED advertising display has become the market leader by its clear visibility in the sun.

Accordingly, the rapid increase in demand in this market will also promote the LED video screen market expansion. With the new media for outdoor LED advertising development in the 21st century, the market prospects are limitless.

Nowadays, LED display is gaining popularity, and people are getting one to help upscale their businesses. Thus, it is essential to know the things to consider when purchasing an LED Display.


1. PCB Board


Best Outdoor LED Display PCB Board
LED Display PCB Board

PCB board is everywhere in our lives: glass fiber and resin. Combining the two hardens into heat-insulating insulation; therefore, it is not easy to bend the board.

The PCB surface covers a copper layer that transmits signals using an indoor LED display screen and an outdoor display screen.

The PCB thickness is also significant for most of the two or up to 8 layers; generally used 1.6mm. On the other hand, the outdoor one is 1.2mm or even thinner.

If the PCB is thicker, the wiring will be better. Also, the circuit has several layers. Thus, the more layers, the more complicated the process, the better the heat dissipation, the lower the failure rate, and the longer the service life.


2. LED Module Frame


How many problems are related to LED Suite? What is the cause of the black screen color abnormality? Why is the LED module frame material unstable?

Generally speaking, you can distinguish the advantages of the best outdoor LED screen from the following three aspects:

  • Appearance

The appearance of the LED Suite mainly includes whether the color of the mask is consistent, the color of the ink,  the text is exact, there is any repairing phenomenon, and the appearance is scratched.

If the black screen color is abnormal, the color of the LED module frame mask results in a color difference when the screen is black.

Best Outdoor LED Screen Module Frame
Module Frame
  • Control Of Size

Whether the tolerance range controls the external dimensions, the product’s outer dimensions are important factors that directly affect the splicing. Therefore, you can grasp the size; thus,  the product’s splicing effect will be correct.

  • Structure

In the splicing process, the strength of the structure plays an important role. Whether the practicability meets the requirements of the LED module, it has high strength impact resistance, high toughness, and at the same time has waterproofness.

The mask is thermally deformed and will affect the display. The mask’s material or size problem causes the show to bulge during the thermal expansion and contraction process.

Therefore, a contorted mask swells to block the display effect, causing the deformation to open the lamp’s foot and soldering. Thus, the lamp bead shift causes the dead light phenomenon.


3. Screws


LED Screw
LED Screw

Stainless steel can resist the corrosion of air, water, acid, or other media; stainless steel screws are not easy to rust.

However, some screws are acid-resistant but not necessarily rust-proof. If the screw rusts, the consequences are:

  • maintenance is not possible;
  • rusting and then raining down will damage the LED lamps.


4. LED Display Cabinet


The thickness of the LED cabinet itself is 1.2mm. Waterproof is an essential indicator of the outdoor LED display screen. For example, in IP65, the first number indicates the dustproof rod, and the second number indicates the waterproof rod. Thus, the higher the number, the higher the protection rod.

Some LED cabinets also use a polyurethane coating to give the cabinet a stronger wear resistance, water resistance, and heat dissipation.

Now that our LED video screens are increasing, the LED cabinet materials used in different scenes will differ.

Here are some options for LED cabinet materials.

  • Iron Cabinet

This LED display cabinet production process is relatively backward, slightly different from the sealed and simple cabinets.

The waterproof level on the front of the locked cabinet is IP65, and the waterproof level on the back is IP63, suitable for outdoor fixed screen installation, waterproof, protection, and stability. Therefore, the simple cabinet front’s waterproof status is IP65, and the back is not waterproof.

It is suitable for the semi-outdoor LED screen because this kind of cabinet is more convenient, quick, and practical in installation, waterproofing, heat dissipation, and maintenance.


  • Die-cast Aluminum Cabinet

It is mainly for stage display and colorful background. It has been promoted from the original sheet metal cabinet to the die-cast aluminum cabinet through recent years.

The weight is getting lighter, and the structure is more reasonable. It can realize seamless splicing in which you can optimize all aspects of structural performance, high cabinet splicing degree, and easy to disassemble and maintain.

With solid contrast soft color, the whole screen looks very beautiful.

  • Aluminum Cabinet

The weight of aluminum is much lighter than that of iron. The aluminum cabinet has a closed box with a rear-facing convection cooling fan.

The electronic components of the aluminum cabinet are in the cabinet’s sealed environment, which reduces the exposure of the electronic components to the air.

So, the probability of salt spray erosion damage, the corrosion resistance of outdoor aluminum is stronger to avoid damage to the screen caused by rain, and the whole screen’s service life is improved.


5. LED Screen Glue


LED Glue

LED video screen-filling performance is a requirement for most applications in the outdoor environment. And the most critical performance requirement is “weather resistance,” which mainly applies potting glue.

It is suitable for various backgrounds, such as constant high temperature, constant low temperature, steady, moderate outdoor rain, sunshine, snow, etc.

Thus, it is UV-resistant for special applications and has good adhesion, flexibility, insulation, and water resistance after curing.


6. LED Display Cable


Best Outdoor LED Display LED Cable
LED Cable

Generally, the cable used has a butterfly buckle and plug. Though the butterfly buckle will cost more than the pin, the line will fall off during transportation. The LED cable should be suitable because it connects one module to another, parts of the display into other components, etc.


7. LED Display Power Cord


Best Outdoor LED Screen
Power Cord

The power cord and signal cable can quickly connect two cabinets and air plugs. You can directly connect the power cord without screwing. So mainly, they’re for rental LED displays.

Now the power cords we use are pure copper. Copper’s conductivity is the best because the copper wire’s thickness is different; the power it receives is foreign. So, the thicker the copper wire, the greater the conductivity, the greater the energy it receives, and the elasticity index of copper.

The aspect is relatively high, and it is not easy to bend. Therefore, the stability is good, the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Also, the thicker the copper wire carries, the more significant current, the conductivity, the safety is high,

Besides, the failure rate is low if you use the fine copper wire for the carrier flow. But, once the actual current exceeds a fixed value, it will cause the wire to overheat and burn out.


8. Best Outdoor LED Display Process


After installing the LED video screen, the flatness of the structure surface directly affects the surface screen’s flatness, significantly influencing the display effect. The surface frame and the LED display cabinet need to be combined entirely in the welding process to ensure flatness.

Each cabinet must meet strict requirements during assembly to ensure that each cabinet achieves the best results. The cabinet structure design allows us to increase the convenience during installation and maintenance and double the work efficiency.




LED Outdoor

Above all, choosing a high-quality outdoor LED display screen is a relatively important point. That’s why we overlayed these eight (8) factors in getting an LED Display. You need to consider and familiarize yourself with a few things before purchasing the best outdoor LED Display.

Consequently, hundreds of manufacturers can promise you quality products, but only a handful of suppliers have excellent service in the long run.

In this era full of opportunities and challenges, some people don’t take things for granted.

Our best outdoor LED screen series is LED curtain, outdoor rental, arena, transportation, stadium, etc.

YUCHIP–the trend of the LED video screen’s progress is becoming more evident. It will continue to provide users with valuable and high-quality LED advertising displays.

If you have further questions about LED display and our products, please contact us.

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