P3.91 Indoor LED Display In Xiamen: A YUCHIP’s Project


1. Introduction


P3.91 Indoor LED Display
P3.91 Indoor LED Display

Perhaps, LED screens are one of the most convenient products we can use considering the unavailability of travels and crowded events. In many parts of the world, people are not yet allowed to travel overseas as the pandemic is still relevant. In those places, virtual communications are utilized.

Also, in areas where the onslaught of the virus has been controlled, events are already going back on track. Many people have long to fast-track the pandemic as we have missed many occasions in the past years.

And as part of events going back to typical demands, we’ll feature our latest project in Xiamen in this article. It utilized a P3.91 Indoor LED Display. Below are the details.


2. P3.91 Indoor LED Display Xiamen Project Details


P3.91 Xiamen
P3.91 Screen

YUCHIP has recently concluded a project in Xiamen. The project details are as follows:

  • The project utilized a P3.91 indoor LED display.
  • It has a total size of 350 sqm.
  • The project is ought for a stage display for an indoor event.
  • The project has a multi-faceted design and resulted in a very captivating installation and view.

Xiamen is an island in the Fujian province, considered the fourth-largest. It is a port city on the southeast coast of China. Perhaps, the place is a port and an open market area for various nationalities and has a mixed racial and cultural identity.

The city is perhaps known for having low pollution, tremendous and mild climate, Southern Min culture, and China’s second-most suitable city for living. In addition, it has a population of 4.29 million as of the 2019 census.

Also, if you’re a tourist searching for some fantastic sceneries, it is no wonder be on your bucket list.


3. Why Choose A P3.91 Indoor LED Screen For Your Events?


A P3.91 indoor LED display is an ideal LED screen product that you can use in many ways. It is of significant advantages, benefits and is a cost-effective investment. Here are why:

  • Wide Viewing Angle

The P3.91 indoor LED display is equipped with a wide-viewing angle. It has 140 degrees for both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. With a wider viewing angle comes the affordability for great content and visuals on all sides. Also, it has flicker-free and shows nothing but an unprecedented view for all of your viewers.

LED Screen Xiamen
P3.91 LED Screen In Xiamen
  • Rental Design

The P3.91 is available with a rental design to give you an option. The rental plan is designed to ease movement of the product, installation, and dismantling if you use it for rental business. Some rental features are lightweight, handlebars, package wheels, and more. You may also ask us for more information about it.

  • High Refresh Rate/ High Brightness

Above all, the screens result in a real-image effect with an excruciating fine combination of refresh rate and brightness. Also, the P3.91 has adjustable brightness features to help you quickly match the light requirement in various locations and environments.

  • Conventional Use And Longlife

As predetermined, the P3.91 has a lifespan of up to ten years. It may extend for more years if there is regular maintenance, while it may shorten or deteriorate when you do not handle the product with care.


4. Why Are LED Screens Relevant For Today’s Occasions?


LED Display Xiamen
P3.91 LED Display In Xiamen

You may have heard of the word “virtual” many times, especially during the onslaught of the pandemic. This word has been one of the most used words in the past years as it has become the same answer to most events.

And it became even more appreciated with the use of LED screens. Through the use of an LED screen, people can communicate in the comfort of their homes unbothered by the happenings outside, also a lot safer and more convenient.

In the first quarter of the spread of the virus, it is evident that the LED screen market has also vanished. However, as things return to normal operations, LED screens are great products that manifest and ease communication, entertainment, and even filming.

Above all, we can conclude that LED screen products and solutions are technology devices that will be of great use and manifestations in the coming years.


5. Conclusion



YUCHIP has concluded a significant number of projects globally. Our products and series of LED screen solutions have been on many websites as they are affordable and good quality.

Apart from our recent project in Xiamen, YUCHIP has served thousands of clients in China alone, and we look forward to helping more countries alongside the 105 nations we’ve provided with.

If you need a P3.91 indoor LED display or a customized LED display product for your needs and project, we are one call away. Please send us a message today!

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