YUCHIP’s P4.8 Rental LED Display For Fönix Hall, Hungary


1. Introduction


P4.8 Rental LED Display
P4.8 Rental LED Display

Ice hockey is one of the most popular indoor sports worldwide. It is one of the most viewed indoor and recreational sports worldwide.

In various countries, including Hungary, there are several ice hockey stadiums and arenas to accommodate the growing population of ice hockey players and those interested in watching the sports.

And in making an ice hockey event more fun and absorbing, most sports organizers utilize LED screens to bring out the best view and make the digital approach more feasible.

LED screens, such as the P4.8 Rental LED Display, are of great choice and help ease a game’s flow and needs.

An LED screen, for example, can work as a timeclock, as an information board, and more.

Furthermore, in this post, we’ll give you some tips, guides, and advantages of the P4.8 Rental LED display, including one of the projects where it’s utilized. Check the details below.


2. P4.8 Rental LED Display For Hungary’s Ice Hockey Stadium Project Details


Hungary is undeniably one of the top-sports fans around the world. It is evident in their vast number of stadiums, arenas, and halls holding various sports and sports events. Across Hungary, there are an estimated 80 stadiums and arenas where significant sports events occur. It only means how many Hungarians handle events for the locals and international viewers.

P4.8 Rental LED Panel
P4.8 Rental LED Panel

Meanwhile, YUCHIP, having a partner and distributor in Hungary, provided a P4.8 Rental LED display to one of Hungary’s multi-purpose halls for an ice hockey event. The details are as follows:

  • The project utilized a P4.8 Rental LED Display.
  • It has a total size of 85 sqm.
  • We installed it for the Fönix Hall in Debrecen, Hungary.

The Fönix Hall in Debrecen, Hungary, can hold up to 8,500 people. It opened in 2002 and rightfully hosted the 2002 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships held in Hungary. Debrecen is perhaps the second-largest city in the country.

Since its opening, the multi-purpose hall/arena has hosted several events, including conferences, exhibitions, and variety shows, ballet, ballroom, basketball, and a lot more. In 2010, the Fönix Hall was one of the stadiums that hosted the 2010 UEFA Futsal Championship. The hall will then host the following events: the 2024 European Women’s Handball Championship and the 2027 World Women’s Handball Championship.


3. P4.8 Rental LED Display: Tips, Guides, And Advantages


Rental LED displays are known to everyone who is a fan of sports, concerts, outdoor events, and the like. They come in various installation methods, sizes, pixel pitches, and applications. Some rental LED displays are for outdoor use, and some are for indoor and semi-outdoor services.

If you’re going to compare them to fixed indoor and outdoor screens, they have a lot in common, except that rental screens are designed to be lightweight. Also, rental displays have handles and utilize easy installation methods as they have better mobility and are for various events.

Perhaps, if you’re thinking of getting a rental LED display, such as a P4.8 Rental LED display, for your needs, here’s a quick guide for you. Let us give you some tips, guides, and advantages of it.

  • The P4.8 Rental LED Display has a standard cabinet size. However, you may also ask us to customize its size for you.
  • Ask your LED supplier or provider how its features work and how they will affect your project.
  • Check the LED screen’s design if it’s conducive enough for easy installation and mobility.
P4.8 Rental LED Screen
P4.8 Rental LED Screen
  • Before finalizing the LED screen of your choice, know other options from the same series so that you can compare the various pros and cons of the products.
  • Ask your supplier for sample projects where the exact product has been utilized. In this way, you’ll know more about the product’s versatility and advantages.
  • The P4.8 Rental LED Screen, in particular, has adaptive features.
  • It is equipped with rental designs such as the anti-skid handle, lightweight, and structures that ease mobility and installation.
  • It has adjustable brightness, a high refresh rate, and a wide viewing angle.
  • Also, it has broad applicability as you can utilize it in hundreds of events, including sports, concerts, fund-raising events, company gatherings, family occasions, holidays, and a lot more.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or message us at manager@yuchip.com.


4. Conclusion


Ice Hockey Stadium Screen
Stadium Screen

When it comes to your LED screen needs, trust nothing but YUCHIP.

YUCHIP is a well-known and reliable brand you can rely on to provide various LED displays for your projects.

We are also known for the quality services, product competitiveness, affordable price range, high standards, and soundtrack of accomplished projects worldwide.

We look forward to serving you. Contact us today!

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