The Top LED Screen Suppliers In The UK


1. Introduction


LED Screen Suppliers In The UK
LED Screen

In recent years, the demand for LED display screens has been more significant than ever. With this in mind, this blog will cover the best-LED display suppliers in the United Kingdom that provide light-emitting diode (LED) displays/monitors for brands, events, stage designing, home purposes, etc.

The display or monitor suppliers are many in the UK LED screen market. Out of those LED screens in the United Kingdom, only a few offer high-quality products or solutions, making it easy to pick the best one for your needs.


2. What Are The Top LED Screen Suppliers In The UK?


For instance, some well-known and top LED screen suppliers in the UK include:

DigiLED (UK) Ltd
DigiLED (UK) Ltd

Centered in England, United Kingdom, DigiLED is the second LED screen supplier in the United Kingdom. The company sells, supplies, and installs light-emitting diode (LED) displays. Unlike Yuchip, DigiLED only offers a team of experts for maintenance purposes. However, if you want a manual or video guidance, Yuchip makes itself a better option.

Additionally, this LED screen supplier in the UK offers one of the best customer supports with warranty and repair options.

Video Illusions
Video Illusions

Headquartered in England, the United Kingdom, Video Illusions is another LED screen supplier in the UK. However, its mainstream business is video production, video editing, visual installation, and event production.

Moreover, this supplier offers LED screens for events and stage designing.

So if you are arranging a concert or an event is coming up, video illusions can serve your needs for small gatherings.


Established as a consumer electronic company, Elonex is also one of the top LED screen suppliers in the UK. Initially, it started selling computer hardware parts and products. However, today the company also supplies LED display screens across the United Kingdom. Best for your advertising needs, Elonex’s LED displays can be installed on motorways and are a perfect fit for retail and entertainment purposes.

Pioneer Group
Pioneer Group

Like other LED suppliers, Pioneer is also a LED screen supplier in the United Kingdom that offers its services, including lighting installation and maintenance. Established in 2011, Pioneer group has been in this business for almost ten years.

That said, Pioneer Group supplies LED displays to top brands in the United Kingdom.

Unlike Yuchip that serves globally, including the UK, Pioneer Group renders electrical services nationwide. Moreover, the company offers LED installation services. Unlike “LED screen manufacturers in the UK,” Pioneer Group provides installation and maintenance services.

Scanlite Ltd
Scanlite Ltd

It is another LED screen supplier in the UK that provides a variety of electronic items across the country.

Additionally, the company offers indoor digital displays or LED screens and outdoor monitors for advertising and commercial purposes.

Scanlite supplies small LEDs or Digi screens with headquarters in the UK. However, the company also offers a variety of other electronic products. So if you want an international LED supplier in the UK that specializes in all types of LED displays only, Yuchip-led is a way to go.

UX Global LTD
UX Global LTD

With headquarters in England, UX Global Limited is also a LED screen supplier in the UK. It offers digital and retail solutions in many industries, including retail, corporate, and house building.

In addition, the company serves indoor and outdoor displays. On top of all, UX Global takes care of LED installation and maintenance for its customers.

SFL Group

SFL Group is based in the United Kingdom as a multi-faceted technological company. Like other companies, it is also a LED screen supplier in the UK.

Moreover, SFL Group built its reputation as one of the top LED display suppliers in England throughout the years.

With all that said, the company’s solutions are reliable as it works with many professional partners.

As a well-known global LED supplier, YUCHIP is also the best “LED screen supplier” in the United Kingdom. With industry-leading indoor and outdoor LED products, it supplies every type of LED display to 102 countries around the globe. Headquartered in Shenzhen and certified with CE, CCC, FCC, and EMC, Yuchip supplies custom-made LED displays, monitors, and screens to all over the globe.


Yuchip LED supplier takes care of the local market needs of the United Kingdom. Not to mention, the technical support after supplying LED screens is second to none.

Moreover, the supplier offers a complete installation guide for consumers, both manually (a written document with images) and in the form of multimedia (such as guide videos).

On top of all, its products vary from transparent LED displays, LED posters, indoor LED displays, and HD LED displays to high definition (HD) LED monitors and screens.


3. What Trends Can You Expect In The UK LED Market?


In 2021-2022, we projected the lighting or LED market size to increase with an annual growth rate of 1.6%. As a result, it is estimated that the LED market in the UK will be worth £2.7 billion by the end of 2022.

Moreover, stats show that the UK LED market share will increase in 2022-2026. It means more people will use LED screens for marketing, branding, and domestic purposes compared to traditional ways, including hanging posters and billboard signs.

LED Screen Suppliers
LED Screen In The UK

Additionally, various reasons make LED products a much better option to go with. For instance, LED screens:

  • Consume Less Power

Due to the increasing demand to save energy, LED displays to consume less power and are energy efficient.

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

Moreover, they do not increase the carbon footprints of our environment. So if you are a company with sustainable and eco-friendly goals, LED screens with high resolution can work wonders in branding your business.

On top of it, LED screens also reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide and nuclear waste that poses severe threats to the human body and the environment.

  • Provides Better Resolution

More pixel count means better resolution and visibility, which is why LED screens are a perfect fit for every purpose.

Likewise, you can have a better color range, lightning effects, and viewing angle.


4. Conclusion


LED Screen Providers In The UK
LED Display Screen

The UK is an excellent market for the LED display industry. It has a positive and open approach for beginners in the market and those giant companies. As evidence, LED screens are patronized fully and are significantly utilized in the said country. The UK is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with a thousand years of historical influence and heritage.

One way or another, the UK is a famous place that utilizes today’s most advanced technologies, including LED screens. If you’re from the UK or any country globally and need LED screen assistance, products, and services, we are one call away. Please message us for more information and to answer your questions.

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