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What Are The Key Features Of Adhesive Transparent LED Display?



Adhesive Transparent LED Display
Adhesive Transparent LED Display

Display technology such as LED screens has become part of and will continue to be part of modern advertisement.

LED display technology is the number one choice of users worldwide for both indoor and outdoor applications. LED displays can offer better performance and functionality, not to mention that they are more energy and power-efficient.

The worldwide clamor for a better and more flexible display technology pushed manufacturers to continue innovating and improving “better” display technology.

There are lots of innovations and new display technologies that have been developed in recent years: OLED, flexible LED screens, touch screen displays, and transparent LED displays.

Above all, these developments have given businesses, marketers, advertisers, companies, and agencies new and creative ways to broadcast announcements to the public.

What Is An Adhesive Transparent LED Display?

Adhesive transparent LED Display is the latest display technology innovation based on LED technology. It delivers excellent performance similar to regular LED screens but with more straightforward but equally good features.

The adhesive transparent LED displays offer a revolutionary, easy installation method. They could be applied on generally any glass facades or walls, just like a sticker.

Adhesive LED Display
Adhesive LED Display

Users can stick the adhesive display on the inside or outside of glass curtain walls without the need for structural shielding. It does not also affect the original structure appearance of the building.

And since the display also has high transparency, it does not block the view or flow of light inside the building. It is a unique and creative solution if you want to add spectacular designs to curved glasses.

The adhesive LED display allows a perfect integration on the glass wall. Its thinness and glass-like look give an illusion that you have floating visual presentations, which is an effective way to get the attention of passersby.

Aside from its flexibility and transparency, the adhesive transparent display also boasts high brightness, so the content remains visible even if the sun is shining bright.

When used creatively, this adhesive LED screen will give you a one-of-a-kind visual display that will make your business stand out.

What Are The Features And Highlights Of Adhesive Transparent LED Display?

The newest LED adhesive screen is not for regular use. Its fresh and simplified features let you overcome the disadvantages of standard LED display screens.

Simple And Slim Design

The transparent LED film display looks a lot less complicated than other LED displays. True enough, they are also easier to apply and use.


Because of its thinness and use of light materials, the transparent LED film screen is ten (10) times weaker than the regular digital screens making it easier to transport, ship, move, and install.

Easy Clipping And Bendable

The transparent LED display film can have up to 85% transparency. Hence, it has become popular as an LED film for glass.  It is clear and see-through so that it won’t block any view. So, if you are looking for a display solution that won’t compromise your indoor lighting and building appearance, this is a sound choice.

Adhesive LED Screen
Adhesive LED Screen
High Transparency

Many refer to the LED transparent film as a film display because of its appearance. It looks like a film that is easy to attach to almost any flat and smooth surface. And since they are made out of very flexible material, you can bend them without damaging any pixels. This is why it becomes a perfect solution with those curved glasses and facades.

Easy To Install

The installation is as easy as sticking a wall sticker on your glass wall. So far, it is one of the most convenient digital displays to assemble and apply.  Thanks to its super thin structure and lightweight cabinet.

LED Window Film
LED Window Film

Unlike other display technology that requires a fan to cool down, the transparent film LED display does not need one. Because of that, it allows the film display to have a slim structure and be less bulky.

Infinite Size

The LED adhesive video film size is also highly customizable. It can cover your entire glass wall if you want to. It is suitable for small and huge businesses as they can come to any size depending on your store’s structure and business requirements.

Long Working Life

The high technology transparent LED display film is also a good investment because of its long lifespan. If used within the prescribed conditions, your LED window film can stay bright and functional for up to 50,000 hours. Of course, factors such as weather, power, and usage directly affect the longevity of your display.

Here is a quick comparison between an LED adhesive screen and a conventional LED screen:



Adhesive Transparent LED Screen

Conventional LED Screen


>6 kg/m²

12 – 25 kg/m²


>4 mm

120 – 250mm

Assembly / Installation

Easy installation

Complex installation

Light Transmission

60% – 90%

No light transmission


Bendable and Clipping

Unable to bend and clip

Structural Requirements

Requires no structural change

Require structural change


Remove and replace; very quick and simple

Requires changing of modules; time-consuming and costly

Cost of External Structure

Minimal; low cost


Connectors / Wires

Fewer connectors

More connectors


The use of conventional LED screens is still advisable as they remain a reliable digital medium to showcase your HD audio-visual displays. They are ideal as digital displays on streets and highways, exterior building walls, and other environments that require more complex installation methods.

The adhesive transparent LED display is for customers looking for a more straightforward and easier-to-manage display solution.

Range Of Applications Of Adhesive Transparent LED Display

Building Glass Wall

The LED adhesive screen is the perfect digital display option for companies and agencies to make their presence more felt or establish a building landmark. You can use this screen to display the ad of the company.

It is slim and transparent, and you won’t need any modification with your building design. It will instead enhance the glass walls of your building, making it easier to spot even from afar.

LED Film Display
LED Film Display

Store And Car Window Display

If you want to have an excellent and attention-grabbing visual display for your store and car, the LED adhesive display is the way to do that.

Besides, they are an affordable solution requiring you to pay for or buy installation tools.

They are perfect for your glass door, window panes, roofs, etc. It will give the business a more vibrant look with a lively personality.

Since they are so lightweight and easy to install, they also become an ideal digital display solution for car owners.

Interior Decoration

You can use LED adhesive displays to add colors and light displays inside malls, airports, and establishments. Besides, they are an effective medium to deliver ads and other marketing content to entice and lure more potential customers.

The LED film display does decorate not only the place but also entertain guests and visitors. It allows you to showcase colorful video displays just like a regular LED screen.

Applicable Environments:

YUCHIP Adhesive Transparent Display Solution

Transparent LED Film Display
Transparent LED Film Display

YUCHIP has always been dedicated to providing the newest and most advanced LED display solutions to help businesses worldwide achieve their goals.

Also, YUCHIP continues its engagement in the research and development of adhesive transparent LED screens and other LED solutions to ensure that we can cater to every need of every client who chooses to trust us.

YUCHIP LED adhesive transparent LED display is one of our solutions that has started reaching the global market. It is a direct-lit LED that is lightweight and has a side sticker for easy application.

We also take pride in our ability to customize this product according to your specific needs. Also, all of our LED adhesive transparent screen products are adaptable to any environment.

YUCHIP understands that one size does not fit all. Hence, we have a wide range of standard pixels from 2.5mm up to 31.25mm.

So, whether you are a startup company trying to make a name for yourself or a large corporation with towering buildings, we have YUCHIP products that will match your needs.

Our good reputation as a reliable and trusted LED screen manufacturer and supplier comes from our commitment to giving every buyer the best solution and service.


LED Adhesive Video Film
LED Adhesive Video Film

Above all, choosing the right LED display solution for your business is crucial in delivering successful marketing and advertising strategies.

Also, the goal of investing in display technology is to help you increase your brand awareness and encourage people to recognize your business. Therefore, you should choose the one that matches your goals.

While conventional LED screens remain very functional and helpful, the adhesive transparent LED screen offers something that regular LED screens cannot provide.

Some of the disadvantages of regular LED screens include heavyweight panels, complex assembly, installation, and view obstruction.

Overcoming these disadvantages of conventional LED screens is possible because of the birth of adhesive LED displays.

Also, if you want to learn more about YUCHIP adhesive transparent LED products, send us a message today.

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