P1.9 vs. P2.6 vs. P2.9 vs. P3.9 vs. P4.8 LED Screen: Which Is Best For Rental?


1. Introduction


In general, rental LED screens play various functions and purposes. And if you’re no LED display guru but want the best rental LED screen for your event, here’s a guide.

P1.9 P2.6 P2.9 P3.9 P4.8
Rental LED Display

This article will share the various standard rental LED screen types, properties, and features. These points might help you realize which is the best fit for your needs, whether for a concert, an outdoor charity event, a shopping mall event, and a lot more.


2. What Is A Rental LED Screen, And Why Do You Need It?


First, let us define a rental LED screen and differentiate it from other product series.

A rental LED screen is a type of LED screen that is designed to ignite events that need rental products or services. It is an LED display with rental features that firmly vary it from other types. A rental LED screen can be indoor, outdoor, or semi-outdoor.

What features make it different from fixed or conventional LED screens that we know? First, it is designed for a no temporary installation. It usually has lighter panels and thinner modules than fixed LEDs. Also, it comes in a rigid structure to ease installation and dismantling, such as a quick-locking system, handles, etc.

Rental LED
Rental LED Screen

In addition, to ease mobility, like in cases of various event locations, it comes in individual boxes with wheels and other product safety measures. Rental LED screens are highly valued and appreciated in many fields as they can thoroughly support various events’ needs and achieve event uniformity, formality, and digital application.

In a narrow sense, apart from having high-resolution and quick operations, it solely helps event organizers achieve the utmost success in their endeavors.

When you own a rental LED screen, it will be easier to accommodate various events you organize. Also, if they’re not used for your circumstances, you can lend them and offer rental services to other organizers seeking rental LEDs for short-time usage.


3. The P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8 LED Screen Features And Rental Properties


The P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8 are only among the most common rental LED screens we have featured in many of our projects globally. They are also among the prevalent rental pixel pitch used in many fields, applications, and events.

Now, let us know which among them is best for rental use. Let us see through their features and rental properties to help you realize which among them is the best for your project.

P1.9 LED Screen

PROS: The P1.9 is best for a smaller audience since it has a higher resolution. In this case, the ideal distance of a viewer from the LED screen should be two or less than 2 meters. It is available in a 500x500mm size. And if you prefer to have it for rental use, it is best to have it in GOB LED. The GOB LED is known to have a higher protection ability and significantly avoids large-scale dead and broken pixels. So, it results in a smoother, clearer, and more vivid display of images and videos.

In addition, it also has quick maintenance, user-friendly software, and soft features for operation.

CONS: The P1.9 is for indoor applications only and not for outdoor use. And it is not best for a bigger crowd. High-resolution screens such as HD LEDs, such as a P1.9 LED screen, are best visually appreciated in an indoor area. When applied indoors, it doesn’t compete with the brightness outside, thus making an overall excellent viewing experience.

Here’s a P1.9 LED screen in an aging test.

PROS: Apparently, when we talk about P2.6 LED screens, it is most common in filming as it is the best fit for XR LED screen use. Here’s a project where we had a P2.6 for XR display.

P2.6 LED Screen

The P2.6 is designed for both indoor and outdoor rental use. It comes in a 500x500mm size, or you can have it customized. Unlike P1.9, the P2.6 utilizes SMD LEDs which makes a compact design and has better heat dissipation making it even more compatible for outdoor use. Its panels and modules are also thinly and lighter to stand installation and dismantle processes over time.

In addition, it comes in a die-casting aluminum cabinet that is more lightweight and durable and has excellent corrosion resistance. In the outdoor environment, an LED screen, especially a rental screen, encounters various factors that might decrease its performance. So, choosing a device with protective measures against these factors is excellent. These factors are mist, water, dust, etc.

CONS: A P2.6 LED screen can reach the highest refresh rate by far, 7680 Hz, and its brightness can be up to 3500-4500 cd/m². These features indeed make the device a little more pricey compared to others. And so, perhaps, if you’re thinking of getting a P2.6 LED screen, be it for other purposes or rental, be sure to have a budget ready.

PROS: P2.9 is among the ubiquitous LED screen for both fixed and rental use. Its pixel pitch is incredibly balanced and applicable for indoor and outdoor use. It has overall great visuals, has a brightness reaching up to 4500 cd/m², and a refresh rate of 3840Hz.

The P2.9 comes in a dual maintenance design, comes in a die-casting aluminum cabinet material, and fits different applications. It includes concerts, mall events, family gatherings, school activities, and more.

P2.9 LED Screen

CONS: Compared to P3.9 and P4.8, the P2.9 is not the best for a vast crowd, for instance, in an outdoor concert, etc. The pixel pitch plays a vital role in the success of an event since the resolution and how compatible the screen to the event depends on it. So, if you handle a smaller crowd, P2.9 can work perfectly fine.

Here are a few links to our P2.9 projects.

  1. P2.97 LED Screen For Saudi Arabia Events Company
  2. P2.97 LED Display For Joeone Brand In Shenzhen

PROS: The P3.9 delivers nothing but a direct view and an impressive viewing experience through its fine pixel pitch in a full-color display. It has high reliability and consistency, mainly when applied for rental events. Like all other rental screens, the P3.9 utilizes Nationstar LED, which is known for its rigid and dependable quality. The LED performance doesn’t deteriorate immediately, even after a long period.

P3.9 LED Screen

The P3.9 is among our best-seller and has been featured in many of our projects globally. It is a pixel pitch great for rental screens and stage, transparent, floor LED, and more. In addition, it has a superior and robust cabinet design that eases its installation, mobility, and operations.

CONS: Its application still depends on your display needs and requirements. Though it fit both indoor and outdoor application, you also need to pre-determine its most particular utilization. So, on our part, we can design it to match perfectly your project requirements.

Here are our few P3.9 LED projects.

  1. P3.91 Outdoor Pantallas LED In Chile
  2. P3.91 Indoor LED Display In Xiamen: A YUCHIP’s Project
  3. P3.91 Transparent LED Screen In Guangzhou: A YUCHIP’s Project
  4. P3.91 Stage LED Screen For Czech Republic
  5. P3.91 LED Display Rental For The University Of The Western Cape

PROS: The P4.8 LED screen is a broadly utilized LED display for various applications. In YUCHIP, we used it for many of our projects, just like below.

  1. YUCHIP’s P4.8 Rental LED Display For Fönix Hall, Hungary
  2. YUCHIP’s P4.8 Outdoor And Indoor Rental LED Display In Austria
  3. P4.8 Dance Floor LED For Uzbekistan
P4.8 LED Screen

The P4.8 has a firm and tight features from its structure and modules to its software. It utilizes either Novastar, LEDvision, LEDset, or Linsn software. It also uses SMD LED from Nationstar; a trustee LED lamp provider. The P4.8 is best for outdoor events, exceptionally accommodating a large audience.

It fits well with its high brightness, high refresh rate, and excellent color synchronization, making an event stunning and successful. Like P2.6, P2.9 and P3.9, it comes in a standard size of 500 x 500 mm, except for customized ones. Customizing for rental needs will surely exceed your expectations and grant you outstanding performance in the long run. It is entirely convertible for various events and can come in soft panels.

CONS: The P4.8 is best for outdoor events. So, if you’re mainly handling indoor gatherings and endeavors, it’s best to have a lower pixel pitch than the P4.8.

The above details are only a few information about the rental LED screens we mentioned. You may also check their pages to see more of their parameters, videos, and features.


4. How Can You Choose The Most Fit Rental Screen For Your Project?


If you’re looking for the best rental LED screen for your events, it is an advantage to read a lot first. Scrolling this article might give you ideas on how to become a wise buyer, especially if it’s your first time buying an LED digital device.

Below are things you need to determine firsthand to know the best fit for your project.

Rental LED Screen Installation
Rental LED Screen Installation
  • Very Specific Application

Though rental LED screens are for various purposes and usage, it is still essential to know if you will apply them indoors or outdoors alone. By determining the particular application and environment of the device, providers can adjust features, customize the IP level, and do other necessary protective measures for it.

However, in cases where you’ll use a rental screen for indoor and outdoor applications, it is also a must balance the brightness and other color features so the audience can appreciate them in both areas. Also, it will help in knowing the best pixel pitch for your device.

  • Target Audience Size

Why do you need to scale the audience size? The audience is your viewers, and part of the success of an event is giving the audience a great experience. So, to best accommodate your viewers, learning their estimated size can help you in putting the blueprint of your rental LED screen.

Outdoor Rental For Music Festival
Outdoor Rental For Music Festival

For example, you can pick a small pixel-pitched screen if you’re only designated for small conferences, indoor meetings, or events. While, if your target is to amplify a concert or a rave party that usually has a huge crowd, you should pick a higher pixel screen.

  • Budget Ready

YUCHIP offers the most affordable yet quality LED screens in the market. However, preparing the budget before your purchase is still an excellent thing. It is one of the factors that makes tight decisions among buyers and users.

Should you need further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at manager@yuchip.com.


5. Looking For A Rental LED Screen Provider?


LED Screen Rentals
YUCHIP LED Screen Rentals

YUCHIP is a known brand that has formulated the best renal LED screen for local and international markets. Our rental LED screens, with various pixel pitches, including the P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8, have reached numerous countries bringing an upscale experience to concerts, meetings, and school affairs, parties, and more.

Request a quote now! Please message us at manager@yuchip.com.


6. Conclusion (P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8)


LED Wall For Outdoor Rental
LED Wall For Outdoor Rental

The P1.9, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, and P4.8 LED screens vary in features, properties, and designs. In this article, we gave out a few of their details; we hope you find our article helpful.

You may also visit our website’s blog page to see more of our new articles that could help you in many ways; https://www.yuchip-led.com/blog-news/.

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